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Hengshui Travel Guide

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Hengshui Overview

Hengshui City of Hebei Province is a bright pearl in Beijing-Kowloon Railway, which is near the dragonhead-Beijing. Now it is developing to be a landscape style modern central city. Hengshui city covers an area of 8,815 square kilometers and has a population of 4,150,000 (2004). Beijing-Kowloon Railway and the main railway from the east to the west-Shide Railway intersect in Hengshui to form a “golden cross” here. Hengshui becomes a key transport junction, reputed as “the largest station to the south of Beijing”

Hengshui has a long history and deep cultural deposits. In the period of the Three Kingdoms, Yuanshao gathered millions of soldiers to contend against Caocao in Ji Zhou; the great philosopher and the great master of Confucianism in the Western Han Dynasty-Dong Zhongshu was born here; there are two national relic monuments here, one is the Tomb Complex of Feng Family in Jing County, the other is Dagoda in Jing County; besides, there are back burial mound tombs in the Han Dynasty, double burial mounds tombs in the Han Dynasty, Xiyuantou tombs in the Han Dynasty, Qinglin Tower and Qinglin Temple in Gucheng County, and Baoyun Temple in Taocheng District, 19 provincial relic monuments in all, which makes the ancient city more charming.

Traveling in Hengshui, you can not only feel deep cultural deposits and enjoy beautiful natural landscapes but also appreciate a great variety of traditional exquisite handicraft products. Snuff bottle decorated with inside-bottle painting, writing brush of Houdian and goldfish of royal court are called Three Well-known Things in Hengshui, which are famous at home and abroad. Besides, there is Wuqiang New Year picture, jade carving, bone carving, hardwood carving, filigree, facial sculpture, etc, a lot of traditional handicraft products that can make people applaud madly. At 2001 Shanghai APEC conference, the portraits of six leaders that were produced by Xisan Painting Institution of Hengshui were given to the six leaders as state gifts by president Jiangzemin.