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Huiyan Peak

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Huiyan Peak is the first peak of the 72 peaks of Mount Heng. In ancient, people thought that the wild geese stopped here when they flew to the south and stay here until next spring to return to the north. Famous poet Du Fu wrote the poem that “having crossed one thousand kilometers, the wild geese in Hengyang returned to the north again”.

The hill door of Yan Peak is a stone torii. Banshan Pavilion is not far away from the door hill. Upward and across “one hundred step scaling ladder”, one reaches the peak. In the peak, there is Yanfeng Temple. According to records, this temple was built in the Southern and Northern Dynasties. During Liangwu Emperor Period, it is called Chengyun Temple. After Tang Dynasty, it was named Yanfeng Temple, Yanfeng temple, Huayao Temple, Xichan Temple, Luohan (arhat) Temple are called four big temples of zen of Buddhism in Hengyang. There have been many hierarch come here to study zen.

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