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Huo Mountain

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The Huo Mountain, which covers an area of 10 square kilometers with the altitude of 550 meters, is acclaimed as the “second Danxia Mountain”. The peculiar-shaped hills, quiet and secluded Yanyu, and long history make Mt.Huo a famous scenic spot. Three groups of ridges and peaks are integrated into one with a distinctive beauty characterized by its grandeur, delicateness, uniqueness, steepness, and loftiness. The uphill spring water is so crystal clear and rich that it has earned the reputation both home and abroad. Mt. Huo is surrounded by a beautiful lake with their limpid waters are as still and smooth as mirrors, reflecting flawlessly the green mountains which form the fascinate landscape of this scenery. It boasts 27 cliffs, 48 peaks, 11 springs, eight caves, etc. Among those, “the Mt.Huo 10 scenic spots” as follows are the best: Prow-shaped Rock, Yulin Cave, jar-shaped Rock, Taiyi Cliff, a gleam of light, Longyu Rock, seven star-shaped spring, Heng Cliff, Shasheng congratulates the birthday, Tieguai selects calabash.

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How to Get There?
Tourist can take bus at Heyuan public bus station to get to Laolong bus station in Longchuan county, you can take the bus as follows:6:50, 8:10, 8:50, 9:30, 10:30, 13:15, 14:30, 15:30, 16:30.After you get to the Laolong bus station, you can take Huo Mountain special line bus there.

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the whole day

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Recommended travel time: one day

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