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Jinshan Scenic Area

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Jinshan Mountain boasts of a long history and fantastic landscape. When spring comes, various colorful flowers will bloom. In summer, you can appreciate the emerald green woods of pines and cypress. Jinshan Mountain in autumn and winter will be respectively decorated with fragrant peonies and white snow. Major scenic spots on the mountain are Kylin Cave, Dragon and Tiger Cave, Golden Cow Cave, Jade Rabbit Cave, Shengmu Spring, and Miraculous Water Spring, etc. Qinwang Summer Resort Cave is one of the eight gorgeous sceneries on the mountain. Liu He, the Governor of Yichang in Han Dynasty, once made an acclamation of “the scenery of the cave is so fascinating that it makes you feel it is still early spring”. In the third ruling year after the establishment of Jin Dynasty, the then emperor crowned the cave as Daming Buddhist Cave. Jinshan Mountain is also a witness of the famous Yangshan Battle in the War of Liberation. Many famous scholars and cultural celebrities in history had left on the crags of the mountain numerous inscriptions and poems, which record and demonstrate the grandness and plain characteristics of Shandong People in ancient times. The Taoist Temple originally built up in 592 BC in Tang Dynasty well displays the prosperous culture of religion at that time. In Jinshan Mountain Tourist Area several large ancient constructions, such as Zhonghua Taoist Temple and Jinshan Buddhist Temple, have been restored. A series of scenic spots, including Jinshan Mountain Water City, Fishing Pond, Life-relief Pond, Riyue Pond, National Flavor Garden, Tourist Pond, Wild Peony Garden, and Kylin Culture Park, add glamour to the scenic area and make it more famous as a comprehensive tourist attraction featuring recreation, entertainment, and vacation.

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Jinshan Tourist Area is 22 kilometers (30 minutes) off the airport, 22 kilometers (30 minutes) off the Railway Station, and 22 kilometers (30 minutes) away form the Carriage Station. Juye-Jinshan Tourist Autobus is 20 minutes a shift. You can spend only five yuan on it and reach the destination in half an hour. Tips: You can drive by yourself from Juye County southwards and soon arrive at the scenic area.

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