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Gegenda Prairie

Last updated by drwi at 2015/11/30

The Gegenda Prairie, renowned the world over as one of the most beautiful grasslands in China, if not one of the most beautiful grasslands on the planet, offers some of the most big-sky grasslands scenery that one can hope to find anywhere on this beautiful blue planet. It is doubly enjoyable when a grasslands like Gegenda Prairie is combined with strongly flavored local traditions, such as one will find here in this corner of Inner Mongolia.

As a visitor to the home of a local Mongolian family, you will be invited to experience the contemporary life of a herdsman family. You will have the unique opportunity to sit in a traditional Mongolian yurt and sip hand-made dairy products that are made in the same way today as they were made when Genghis Khan sat in his yurt – perhaps in the very spot where you will be sitting – and sipped goat's milk or drank Mongolian milk tea.


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