Kim Tin Walled Village

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Built with bricks and surrounded by blockhouses,Kim Tin Walled Village has a moat near it. In 1899, when the New Territories was leased to British army, the British soldiers met the resisting of the local people in the region. In the end, the iron gate of the garden was destroyed and carried to Britain as a war booty, which was eventually returned to Hong Kong in 1924 at the request of local citizens.

The six-meter-tall brick wall, blockhouses at four corners as well as the moat outside are well preserved, and thus the old appearance is maintained. At present,Kim Tin Walled Village i being a frequent destination for foreign visitors, there are old men in country clothes for them to take photo with in front of the village.

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1 Get off at Tsuan Wan Underground Station and take No.51 bus to Kam Tin at Exit A or Tuan Wan Port.

2 Take No.64K bus there at Dapuxu Station of Kowloon-Canton Railway.

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