Queen Square

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The Queen Square is a broad blank which connects Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank Building with Canotaph Road. There are many seats and sprays, so lots of Philippians’ maids gather there on weekends to find jobs, and Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank Building is another gathering place for them.

The statues at the plaza were destroyed by Japanese army during the Second World War, and only Thomas Jackson’s Statue was returned to the original place. He was a manager of Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank. The vaulted colonial building in the middle of the square was the Supreme Court, but it is the general legislative council now. Standing among the high architectures, it has its own sentiment.

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It is located in Central District on Hong Kong Island.

How to Get There?

Walk outside the Queen Square Exit at Central station and continue for one minute, visitor can arrive at Queen Square.

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The stone stairs which connects the Queen Avenue Mid with the Ice House Street is the biggest stone stairs in Hong Kong. And the gas street lamp built between 1875 and 1889 under the stone stairs is the oldest one of the only four left old street lamps. Many movies and TV shows had been shot here, thus visitors often have a sense of familiarity.

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