Hong Kong Transport

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Hong Kong Airport

Hong Kong Airport

Hong Kong International Airport, located in Lantau Island, 40 km away from the urban area is one of the 10 big harbor airports in the world. There are daily services to almost every corner of the world, which includes America, Europe, Canada, mainland China, South African, and Indonesia, Japan, Middle East, Austria and Southeastern Asia Nations. The main airline companies in Hong Kong are Guotai and Ganglong companies.  

Hong Kong is the main gateway to China and much of East Asia. Therefore, the international air service is excellent and the fierce competition keeps the fares relatively low compared to the neighboring countries.

Hong Kong International Airport, located in Lantau Island, 40 km away from the urban area is one of the 10 big harbor airports in the world. There are daily services to almost every corner of the world, which includes America, Europe, Canada, mainland China, South African, and Indonesia, Japan, Middle East, Austria and Southeastern Asia Nations. The main airline companies in Hong Kong are Guotai and Ganglong companies.    

Transportation to the airport

The Airport Express line is the fastest and most expensive way to get to/from the airport. You can also go by bus, taxi and underground.

Airport Express Line (AEL)
Airport express is the special railway for the airport. It is convenient and reliable. The 35.3km journey between the Airport and the city takes as long as 24 minutes. Trains run by the Airport Express Line depart from Hong Kong Station every 10 minutes from 5:50 to 0:48. And it stops at the Kowloon Station and Tsing Yi Station en route.

Ticket fare


Starting Station

Adult (HK$)
Day Return Ticket

(3-11 years old)
Day Return Ticket

Return Ticket (HK$)
(Valid for A Month)

Hong Kong Station




Kowloon Station




Tsing Yi Station




Exposition Station




It takes about 24 minutes by the airport express to Hong Kong station from the airport. If you take the airport express with an Octopus Card to the urban area, you can take the MTR for free.

Airport bus
There are more than 30 special bus lines serving the International Airport. The most useful ones for travelers are the A11 and A12 which go past major hotel areas in the Hong Kong Island and A 21 which serves hotel areas in Kowloon.

The taxi station is just outside the main airport building on the left. And it would cost about 335 HK$ from the airport to the Mid District and 270 HK$ to Tsim Sha Tsui.

The most economical way from the airport to the urban area
First take the S1 bus to Tung Chung MTR underground station from the Airport bus station at a cost of  3.5 HK$, and then take the underground to the urban area.

Shuttle Service from China Travel 

It is inconvenient to book a ticket to/from the airport from/to your hotel. So we provide shuttle service of transferring you from/to the Hongkong International Airport to/from the hotels listed below. Transfer cost is about $25. If you need our service, feel free to contact us to get price details. 

Hotel in Kowloon Side Depart from HotelDepart from Airport
Tsimshatsui - Central (Every Hour)(Every 30mins)
BESTGDBest Western Grand Hotel華麗酒店-尖沙咀05:35 - 21:3507:00 - 23:00
BOPButterfly on Prat晉逸精品酒店05:35 - 21:35
EMPKLNEmpire Hotel Kowloon九龍皇悅酒店05:35 - 21:35
GDGuangdong Hotel粵海酒店05:35 - 21:35
HIGMHoliday Inn Golden Mile香港金域假日酒店05:25 - 21:25
HYTHyatt Regency HK凱悅酒店05:30 - 21:30
IMPImperial Hotel帝國酒店05:25 - 21:25
KIMKimberley Hotel君怡酒店05:30 - 21:30
KLNKowloon Hotel九龍酒店05:15 - 21:15
LUXEThe Luxe Manor帝樂文娜公館05:30 - 21:30
MIRMira HotelMira Hotel05:20 - 21:20
PANOPanorama Hotel By Rhombus麗景酒店05:30 - 21:30
PARKPark Hotel百樂酒店05:35 - 21:35
PENPeninsula Hong Kong半島酒店05:20 - 21:20
RAMKLNRamada Hotel Kowloon九龍華美達酒店05:40 - 21:40
SHESheraton Hong Kong香港喜來登酒店05:25 - 21:25
STANHVStanford Hillview Hotel仕德福山景酒店05:35 - 21:35
YMCASYMCA of HK(Salisbury)青年會賓館05:20 - 21:20
Tsimshatsui - West   
HKMarco Polo Hong Kong馬哥孛羅香港酒店05:25 - 21:2507:00 - 23:00
LANLangham Hong Kong朗庭酒店05:35 - 21:35
GATEWYMarco Polo Gateway馬哥孛羅港威酒店05:20 - 21:20
PRIMarco Polo Prince馬哥孛羅太子酒店05:15 - 21:15
RPACRoyal Pacific Hotel皇家太平洋酒店05:45 - 21:45
Tsimshatsui - East / Hung Hom   
GSHVInterContinental Grand Stanford海景嘉福酒店04:50 - 21:5007:00 - 23:00
ICONHotel Icon唯港薈04:40 - 21:40
KSHANGKowloon Shangri-La九龍香格里拉大酒店06:10 - 22:10
NWMILLNew World Millennium Hong Kong Hotel千禧新世界香港酒店04:45 - 21:45
REGKLNRegal Kowloon Hotel富豪九龍酒店05:55 - 21:55
RGDNThe Royal Garden帝苑酒店05:50 - 21:50
HP8DHarbour Plaza 8 Degrees海逸八度11:45 - 16:4511:00 - 17:00
HPKCRHarbour Plaza Metropolis都會海逸酒店11:15 - 16:15
HBGKLNHarbour Grand Kowloon君綽九龍11:20 - 16:20
Jordon / Yau Ma Tei   
BPBP International House龍堡國際賓館05:40 - 21:4007:00 - 23:00
EATONEaton Hong Kong逸東酒店05:00 - 21:00
EGREENEvergreen Hotel萬年青酒店05:35 - 21:35
LARGOSLargos朗逸酒店05:10 - 21:10
MADERAHotel Madera Hong Kong木的地酒店05:10 - 21:10
NATHANNathan Hotel彌敦酒店05:00 - 21:00
NVNATHNovotel Nathan Road諾富特彌敦酒店05:15 - 21:15
PRUDPruton Prudential恆豐酒店05:20 - 21:20
SHAMShamrock Hotel新樂酒店05:30 - 21:30
Hotel in Kowloon Side Time ScheduleTime Schedule
Mong Kok / Kowloon East (Every Hour)(Every 30mins)
CTVIEWThe Cityview城景04:50 - 20:5007:00 - 23:00
LPLangham Place Hotel朗豪酒店 (旺角)05:40 - 20:40
METKLNMetropark Hotel Kln九龍維景酒店05:10 - 21:10
METMKMetropark Hotel, Mongkok旺角維景酒店05:30 - 21:30
RPLAZARoyal Plaza Hotel帝京酒店05:20 - 21:20
SIL-SVSilka Seaview Kowloon Hotel海景絲麗酒店04:45 - 20:45
STANStanford Hotel仕德福酒店04:55 - 20:55
DORMKDorsett Mongkok, Hong Kong旺角帝盛酒店11:55 - 16:5511:00 - 17:00
SIL-WKSilka West Kowloon Hotel西九龍絲麗酒店11:55 - 16:55
ROSKLNRosedale Hotel Kowloon九龍珀麗酒店11:55 - 16:55
Hotel in New Territories Time ScheduleTime Schedule
New Territories (Every Hour)(Every 30mins)
PANDAPanda Hotel Kowloon九龍悅來酒店11:00 - 16:0011:00 - 17:00
SIL-FESilka Far East Hotel遠東絲麗酒店11:05 - 16:05
NINAL'hotel Nina Et Convention Ctr如心海景酒店暨會議中心11:10 - 16:10
DISNEYDisneyland Hotel Hong Kong香港迪士尼樂園酒店11:30 - 16:30
HOLYWDDisney's Hollywood Hotel迪士尼好萊塢酒店11:40 - 16:40
Hotel in HK Island Side Time ScheduleTime Schedule
Western District  (Every Hour)(Every 30mins)
BESTHV Best Western Harbour View Hotel , Hong Kong華麗海景酒店11:10 - 16:1011:00 - 17:00
CYARDCourtyard by Marriott香港萬怡酒店11:15 - 16:15
IPACIsland Pacific Hotel港島太平洋酒店11:20 - 16:20
RAMHKRamada Hong Kong Hotel香港華美達酒店11:15 - 16:15
JENHotel Jen Hong KongHotel Jen Hong Kong11:30 - 16:30
BOHButterfly On Hollywood晉逸好萊塢酒店11:05 - 16:0511:00 - 17:00
CONRADConrad Hong Kong港麗酒店11:55 - 16:55
ISHANGIsland Shangri-La港島香格里拉大酒店11:55 - 16:55
JWMARRJW Marriott Hotel香港萬豪酒店11:00 - 16:00
UPPERUpper House奕居11:00 - 16:00
BESTWThe Best Western Hotel Causeway Bay, Hong Kong (Stop at South Pacific)華麗精品酒店(停南洋酒店)06:00 - 22:0007:00 - 23:00
BOMButterfly On Morrison (Stop at South Pacific)晉逸時代酒店 (停南洋酒店)06:00 - 22:00
BONAPABonaparte By Rhombu (Stop at South Pacific)雅逸酒店 (停南洋酒店)06:00 - 22:00
CENTNovotel Century HK世紀香港酒店05:45 - 21:45
CHARTThe Charterhouse Hotel利景酒店05:55 - 21:55
COSMOCosmopolitan Hotel Hong Kong香港麗都酒店05:40 - 21:40
COSMO2Cosmo Hotel Hong Kong香港麗悅酒店05:40 - 21:40
EMPHKEMPIRE Hotel Hong Kong港島皇悅酒店06:10 - 22:10
GHYTGrand Hyatt Hong Kong君悅酒店06:00 - 22:00
HBVIEWThe Harbour View 灣景國際06:05 - 22:05
VELAThe Vela Hong Kong Causeway Bay
(Stop at South Pacific)
06:00 - 22:00
LUKKOKLuk Kwok Hotel六國酒店05:35 - 21:35
METWCHMetropark Hotel, Wanchai灣仔維景酒店05:30 - 21:30
RENHVRenaissance Harbour View萬麗海景酒店05:55 - 21:55
SPACSouth Pacific Hotel南洋酒店06:00 - 22:00
WHARWharney Guangdong Hotel香港華美粵海酒店05:40 - 21:40
WIFIWifi Boutique Hotel (Stop at Novotel Century)星網精品酒店 (停世紀香港)05:45 - 21:45
Causeway Bay   
CROWNECrowne Plaza HK Causeway Bay香港銅鑼灣皇冠假日酒店05:30 - 21:3007:00 - 23:00
EMPCWBEmpire Hotel HK Causeway Bay銅鑼灣皇悅酒店05:30 - 21:30
EXCELExcelsior Hong Kong Hotel怡東酒店06:00 - 22:00
PENNHotel Pennington by Rhombus隆堡柏寧頓酒店05:45 - 21:45
LANSONLanson Place Hotel 05:45 - 21:45
L'HTLL' Hotel CWB Harbour View HK銅鑼灣海景酒店05:30 - 21:30
METCWBMetropark Htl, Causeway Bay銅鑼灣維景酒店05:35 - 21:35
PKLPark Lane Hong Kong柏寧酒店05:45 - 21:45
REGHKRegal Hongkong Hotel富豪香港酒店05:45 - 21:45
ROSEDLRosedale On The Park珀麗酒店05:40 - 21:40
HK Island - East   
CGDNCity Garden Hotel HK城市花園酒店05:05 - 21:0507:00 - 23:00
HBGNDHarbour Grand Hong Kong港島海逸君綽酒店05:50 - 21:50
HPNPHarbour Plaza North Point北角海逸酒店05:20 - 21:20
IBISIbis North Point宜必思世紀軒05:15 - 21:15
NHKNewton Hotel Hong Kong香港麗東酒店05:00 - 21:00
SCHINASouth China Hotel粵華酒店05:10 - 21:10
Note: No shuttle service will be provided if the hotel name is not on the above list.


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