Hong Kong Transport

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Hong Kong City Transport

Hong Kong City Transport

Tips and guides on how to get around in Hong Kong city.

Undergrounds are fast, efficient and air-conditioned, and they are main transportation mean in the urban area. There are altogether five lines running from 6:00 in the morning to 1:00 at midnight, and the busy periods are 8:30- 9:00 in the morning and 6:00-7:00 in the afternoon. The price for the tickets ranges from 4 to 26 HK$ according to different distances. One-way ticket can be bought can buy at the station hall, which is only valid for the day when it's purchased.


1. All signs at the railway station are both in Chinese and English and so does the broadcast,.

2. If you take underground for more than ten times in a week (airport express line is excluded), you can exchange for one free one-way ticket (also not valid for airport express line).

3. When you are in the metro,  please keep to the right side because the left way is for those whom are in a hurry.

3. Smoking is prohibited.


Bus lines almost cover every inch of the territory. Fares range from HK$1.2 to HK$45, which is charged according to the destination. Senior people (above the age of 65) and children (under and at the age of 12) are charged half price.

Bus hot line: 27454466


Except the Lantau Island and Outlying Islands, all other districts in Hong Kong have minibuses. The advantages of minibus is that it runs  fast and frequently with overnight operation on some main lines. There are two kinds of minibus, the green one ( running on special line) and the red one.

The red minibus don't have any fixed stop, frequency and fare, and their routes also change according to the traffic or the seat occupied situation . Except the usual restricted areas, they can pick up passengers and drop them off anywhere. Normally, the passengers pay when they get off.

Special minibuses are yellow with a green stripe. They run along specific routes and have fixed stops, departing time and prices. Passengers should get on and get off at the appointed location and they should prepare for small change and pay the time they  get on.

Trolley Bus

As a unique mode of public transportation  in Hong Kong, trolley bus has a long history. It runs between Shau Kei Wan in the east of Hong Kong Island and Kennedy Town (Belcher Bay) in the west of Hong Kong Island, and there is a branch line running on Happy Valley. In contast to other transport vehicles, in a trolley bus passengers get on from the back door and pay and get off  from the front door.  

Operating time: From 6:00 in the morning till 12:00 at midnight.

Fare: It is 2 HS$ for adult and half price for senior people above the age of 65  and children (under and at the age of 12) .

Peak Tram

Ever since 1888, the peak tram had been running between Central and Victoria Peak for a century. By the tram, visitors can not only get directly to the Victoria Peak but also enjoy the pleasant sights of Hong Kong, Kowloon and Victoria Harbor. Departing from the Gardon Road, the whole journey will cost only eight minutes.

Running time: From 7:00 in the morning till12:00 at midnight

Price for the ticket:
the price for adult one-way ticket is HK$20 and HK$30 for flat fare. The price for old people (above and at the age of 65) for one-way ticket is HK$7 and for return ticket is HK$ 14, for children (between 3 and 11 years old) for one-way ticket is HK$6 and for return ticket is HK$9.

Tips: The peal tram is the most important transportation vehicle for Victoria Peak, so you can’t miss it.


There are three kinds of taxi in Hong Kong:  the red taxis serving Hong Kong Island and Kowloon; green ones in the New Territories and blue taxis on Lantau Island. The red ones also run in the south and middle of Lantau Island and the international airport.

Rate for the red taxt: The flagdown price is 15 HK$for the first  two kilometers and after that an additional 1.4 HK$ is charged per every 200 meters, 1.4 HK$ is charged for per minute waiting.

Except some appointed areas in Kowloon district and the international airport on Lantau Island, the green taxis are only allowed to run in New Territories.

Rate for green taxi: 12.5 HK$ for the first two km and after 1.2 HK$ is charged per km, 1.20 HK$ is charged for every minute waiting.

The blue taxis are restricted to run on Lantau Island and between the Lantau and the international airport.

Rates for blue taxis:  HK$ 12 for the first two km and after 1.2 HK$ is charged every 200 meters, HK$ 1.2 is charged for evert minute waiting.


Some additional charge must be paid for cross-harbor tunnel trips and a HK$5 charge for each piece of luggage put in the luggage cabin.

It is easier to take a taxi at taxi stop and in front of a hotel. You can ask the driver for receipt.

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