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The Daweishan Beauty Spot

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General Information

True to its name, the Daweishan Beauty Spot is a lovely sight to behold. Nestled on the crossroads of Pingbian County and Yunnan’s Hekou County, Vietnam serves as its southernmost border.

It was July 1992 when the Daweishan Mountain National Forest Park was opened, with the blessing of the Ministry of Forestry. The reserve, also known as the “Green Pearl on the Tropic of Cancer,” occupies a vast 650,000 square meters of land. Its lush forests occupy more than 80% of the area.

Several Sceneries

The Daweishan Beauty Spot is the perfect place for tourists for its numerous sights and attractions. One is the Dawei mountain zone, where they can revel at the views of China’s wonderful peaks. There’s also the Yunnan line of the Yunnan Vietnam Railway, for those who are fascinated with transportation sights. As for environmentalists, they will enjoy the views of the lovely Xianxian River line.

Apart from these areas, there are 19 more scenic spots scattered in 50 square kilometers of lush Daweishan land.  As you roam around the vicinity, you will be treated to the beauty of wildlife animals, rare plants and true virgin forests. For the ultimate sightseeing spectacle, the Daweishan Beauty Spot should be included in your itinerary.


The natural splendor of the Daweishan Beauty Spot is known all throughout the country. Its highest peak – the Seven Star Ridge – is the tallest in Changsha, reaching a peak of over 1600 meters.
The sides of the mountains, on the other hand, are known for its wildlife. Here, birds and wild animals thrive. If you’re in for a total adventure, you can see a couple of South China tigers and red-billed Leiothrix in the area.

A Center For Buddhism

Apart from its environmental beauty, Daweishan is famous for its Buddhist edifices and structures. Since the eastern part of the province consists of a Buddhist population, there’s no surprise that 48 temples are greatly preserved in the beauty spot. The Honglian and Yuquan temples are some of the most prominent attractions in Daweishan, as they have become pilgrimage places for devout Buddhists.

Daweishan Water Fun

Surrounded by river lines, the Daweishan Beauty Spot is considered as one of the best locations for water activities. The river banks are littered with pools, bays and beaches where you can lounge around with your family and friends.

The Daweishan Beauty Spot also has a rafting course that spans 10 kilometers long, with a total drop of 86 meters. If you’re in for a rush of adrenaline, you will enjoy the thrill of the 6-meter plunge. But if you’re looking for a mellow activity, you can always rent a kayak as you roam around the crystal clears water of the river.

Where to stay

If you find yourself tired and flustered after exploring the Daweishan Beauty Spot, you can rest for a day or two at the Dawei Mountains Tourist and Holiday Resort. True to its’ name, it’s the perfect place to stay in while in the area. Its numerous facilities and amenities will make your vacation one that you’ll remember for as long as you live.

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How to Get There?
Take a bus at the Gejiu Passenger Station and then arrive in Pingbian County.

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Recommended Travelling Time: Half a day

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