The Jianshui Confucius Temple.

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Early built in 1285, Jianshui Confucius Temple dates back to the Yuan dynasty. It is the third temple built in Yunnan Province. With a development of more than 700 years, Jianshui Confucius Temple now covers an area of 76,000 square kilometers.

Especially, during Ming and Qing Dynasty, it ever reached an area of 70,000 square kilometers. Thus, it is believed that most of buildings in Jianshui Confucius Temple were built in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Most of them still stay intact. Visitors can experience Confucius culture and appreciate elaborate design on ancient architectures.


1. Due to its more than 700 years of history and great historical value, Jianshui Confucius has been listed on Chinese national key historic and cultural relics and under provincial-level and national-level protection.

2. Jianshui County was political, economic, cultural heart of southwest of china
during the Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties. Jianshui Confucius Temple shows that Confucius culture made great impact on the development of Jianshui County.

3. Based on its large scale and unique art of architecture, it is known as one of great Confucius Temples except Qufu Confucius Temple and Beijing Confucius Temple.

About Jianshui Temple

In the early years, local government set up Lin’an Middle School, now known as Jianshui First Middle School. Nowadays, there are a lot of teaching buildings around Jinashui Confucius Temple. Jianshui Confucius Temple has become a historical relic where Chinese, especially teenagers study Confucius culture and commemorate sages.

Jianshui Confucius Temple is made up of a grand building group. There are 20 buildings including halls, attics and lanes. The whole buildings are extending from north to south, which is up to 625 meters long. The layout of the buildings is axisymmetric, which is similar to that in Qufu Confucius Temple.

In the temple, old trees like pine, cypress, bamboo and willow are still leafy, showing various posturing. Flowers are booming. It is amazing that a pine and a cypress have grown for more than 100 year and they have entangled with each other. Solemn and serene atmosphere spreads around the Confucius temple.

Dacheng Hall

The most attractive attraction is Dacheng Hall, the main building in Jianshui Confucius Temple. It is made up of one main hall and four smaller halls. The whole hall is supported by 28 steles, each weighing roughly five tons. And there are various lifelike birds and animals like tigers, lions and elephants carved elaborately on 22 front doors.

In the main hall, there are lots of statues like Confucius Statue and plaques awarded by Emperors to show their compliment and reverence for eminent people who made great contributions to develop Confucius culture. Chinese calligraphy and painting were used on these plaques. The other halls have 154 statues of sages in total for people commemorating. In conclusion, a solemn silence reigns the whole buildings. Based on its historical value, Dacheng Hall has been listed on Yunan province Key cultural relics and protection units.

Jianshui Confucius Temple also boasts other buildings. With interpretation of guide, visitors would find clever arrangement of buildings. From Tianheyuanqifang, a big gate separated from other buildings to Chonsheng Shrine, there are small pools, ancient kiosks, ancient bridges, stages, subtle gardens, stone tablets, Xingtan, shrines. All these were carved with symbol of Confucius culture and decorated elaborately. Visitor can appreciate art of Chinese craftsman.

Travel in Yunan

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No.268, Lin’an Road, Jianshui County, Hani-Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Honghe, Yunan.

How to Get There?

Visitors can reach Kunming by air or taking railway. And then it takes several hours to get to Jianshui County by taking bus.

Ticket Price:


Opening Hours:

8:00 a.m. to 18:00 p.m.

More Tips:
Recommended Travelling Time: Half a day

Nearby Attractions:

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