The Private Garden of the Zhu Family

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The Private Garden of the Zhu Family was established in the Qing dynasty by an accomplished squire, Zhu Family. Covering an area of 20,000 square meters, nowadays the Private Garden of Zhu Family has become a fine scenic spot that is remolded for accommodation, travelling, and entertainment. There are lots of intact furniture and antiques used by the big family. Visitor can experience Zhu Family’s vivid life by watching their private houses

With elegant and exquisites decorations, the Private Garden of Zhu Family truly reflects Zhu Family’s rich life and fine craft in the Qing dynasty. With warm service and live interpretation by guide, visitors can know further about long history of Zhu Family and the art of architecture in Qing dynasty.


1.    The Private Garden of Zhu Family is grand residential buildings in Qing dynasty. The magnificent buildings are compared to the Grand View Garden described in the Chinese masterpiece, Dream of the Red Mansions.

2.    The Private Garden of Zhu Family is located in Jianshui County in Yunnan Province, a part of remote and poverty areas, the southwest of China. Its grand scale is amazing.

3.    Chinese humanity, geography and fine craft were contained in the buildings.

4.    Owing to its historical value, the Private Garden of Zhu Family has been listed Yunnan province key cultural relics protection units

The Private Garden of Zhu Family is an astonishing building group, extending from south to north. The whole buildings are consisting of halls, bedrooms, small gardens, and open yards. There are 42 open yards and 214 rooms and the whole buildings are decorated artistically. Lifelike animals and plants are carved on the buildings. Its arrangement is very complex but ingenious. The building groups are like labyrinth. Visitor could be lost without the help of guide.

The buildings named Diaojiao Lou is standing alongside the main buildings of the Private Garden of Zhu Family and there were counting house and store where Zhu Family run its business. At the front of the garden, it is ancestral hall of Zhu Family. It was a sacred hall where Zhu Family commemorated and show reverence for their ancestors.

Visitors would appreciate special gardens different from the private gardens of southern changjiang delta. The gardens merge style of private garden of southern changjiang delta with local style. Ingenious arrangement and a variety of scenic spots make the garden very distinctive.

About Zhu Family

The Private Garden of Zhu Family connected closely with ups and downs of Zhu Family. The fate of Zhu Family can been research by the private garden. The ancestors of Zhu Family originally resided in Hunan Province and then relocated in Jianshui County in Yunan Province in the Ming dynasty. They are common people and made a living by running business like tea and silk. However, the fate of the family change greatly and they became rice because Guangfu Zhu, another generation of Zhu Family, run a winery and opened mining.  

After accumulating seed capitals, the families expand their business. 32 years past after Guangfu Zhu die, his grandson Chaochen Zhu became a servant, as a magistrate of county in Guizhou Province. One of his grandsons Chaoying Zhu also became a leading politician and played an important role in Guangdong Province. Depending on the power of Chaoying Zhu, the family invested in coastal areas and traded with foreigners. Thus, their business expanded greatly. With decades of development, Zhu Family became tycoon. And their influence can involve national economy and politics. To bring glory to their ancestors, Zhu Family expend money heavily in building the grand Private Garden of Zhu Family.

However, the influence of Zhu Family declined because of recession of business and unstable environment in the late of Qing dynasty.

Travel in Jianshui County

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No.16, Hanlin Street, Jianshui County, Hani-Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Honghe, Yunan.

How to Get There?

Visitors can reach Kunming by air or taking railway. And then it takes several hours to get to Jianshui County by taking bus. It is convenient for passengers to take taxi or walk to get to the Private Garden of Zhu Family.

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08:00 to 20:00

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Recommended Travelling Time: About 2 hours

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