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Hawkthorn Juice

Wild and good hawkthorns of Yunnan are used as raw materials and then hawkthorn juice is extracted from them. It's brownish red and clear. It sends forth fragrance. It's tasty and nutritious.

Yunwu Tea

The tea is green. It gives off a fragrant odor. Its taste is strong. It has the functions of promoting salivation, quenching thirst , promoting digestion, increasing the discharge of urine and improving acuity of vision

Mayu Tea

The clear tea gives out a full aroma of honey. It's tasty. The tea leaf is tender and bright. The teacup that is often used to make Mayu tea becomes seldom encrusted. This is the unique characteristic of Mayu Tea.

Tin Handicraft

It has the same color as silver. It's as bright as a mirror. Dazzling tin handicrafts have unique artistic features. It's resistant to alkali. It's non-toxic and stainless. It's of extremely high ornamental and collection value.

Sweet Jiaotou

It's golden in color. It's sweet and sour. It's delicious. It can be eaten as a dish. It can be used as a kind of seasoning to make various delicacies. It has the function of invigorating the spleen and stimulating the appetite.

Purple Pottery

Its surface is glossy. It smacks of antiquity. It has properties of being acid-base-resistant, lead-free and ainnocuous. It can be used to decorate the house and has practical application in our daily life.

Yuncao Red Wine

The wine is lucid. It looks like a ruby in colour and luster.It has the special scent of grape.It isn't too sweet or sour. It has a little astringent taste. The wine has good body. It has the typical style of the sweet red wine.

Seasoned Fermented Soya Bean

It's orange and shiny in appearance.Granular bean tastes hot with a bit sweet in the end. If it's fried with oil, it will taste better.

Salty And Sweet Soy Sauce

It has had a history of more than 50 years so far. It has enjoyed a good reputation in Central Yunnan. It has the function of invigorating the spleen and stimulating the appetite.


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