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Guan Tianpei Memorial Temple

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The tomb of national hero-Guan Tianpei is in Nanyaojiu Village of Dongxiang, Huai’an City. The base of the tomb was built with cement and stones. On the tombstone, there carved: “ tomb of Guan Tianpei”, beside the tomb, there are small rivers, pine trees and cypresses.Guan Tianpei (1781-1841), also called Zhongyin, was from Shanyang(Huai’an), he was a general of Qing Dynasty, during the time when he was the general of the navy force, he supported Lin Zexu to ban opium, and under his command, Guangdong navy force defeated British Army for many times. In February, 1841, When Briish Army attacked Humen, he fought against the invaders alone at Jingyuan Battery, and died with honor.

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take No.62 bus at Chuzhou Station

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