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Tieshan Temple Forest Protection Area

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The resort faces Chang Mountain of Lai’an County, Anhui Province on the south, surrounded by mountains on the north, it is close to Huanong(name of a martyr) Reservior, thus a special climate is formed here. The average temperature here is 14.9℃, the annual precipitation is over 1050mm, the forest has not been polluted too much by human activity, so the ecological enviroment here is in good condition, this kind of phenomenon is very rare in Jiangsu Province .According to the survey, in this region, there are 64 tree families of arbor and bush, the type reaches 234, this is a typical reflection the natural distribution of trees in the climate transient area, there are plants of southern area, such as Chinese tallow tree, Phyllostachys sulphurea, etc. there are also plants of northern area, such as cypresses, and there are rare plants, such as Sapphireberry Sweetleaf, and the newly found plants, such as Anacardiaceae, Cerasus dictyoneura, Winter jasmine, so the forest is considered as a precious gene bank for trees.


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one can take train to Nanjing, then take bus at Center Gate Station to Xuyi, after this, take another bus to the forest park., the distance is about 380 km.

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