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Chuxiu Garden

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Located in the city of Huai’an and south of busy East Street, Chuxiu Garden took its name from Ancient Chu region where Huai’an is situated. Covering an area of 48 hectares, it is set in magnificent scenery of great natural beauty surrounded by four lakes: West Lake, South Lake, Li Lake and Lei Lake.
Yudai River used to pass through this area in older times and the place was used as a navy training terrain during Qing Dynasty. Legend has it that in Ming Dynasty Emperor Wuzong took a trip in the area in order to inspect the southern part of his empire. One day he accidentally fell in to the river while he was fishing. As a result of his fall he got sick and died just one year after he had returned to Beijing.

Things to do

In older times the site of Chuxiu Garden was covered by water and was known as Yuelong Lake. However, the lake dried up at some point leaving the place neglected and worthless. This changed in 1958, when the newly formed state of People’s Republic of China took a great interest in the area and Huaiyin government made a new urban plan.
The site was then listed as public space and it was decided to turn the dried lake into a beautiful garden for the people of Huai’an to enjoy.  Planning of the new garden started in 1983. The building of the garden begun in 1986 and ,after three years of construction, it opened to the public in 1989. In 1977 a part of Huai’an Zoo was moved in, what later became, the Chuxiu Garden and after the garden’s establishment it became an official part of it.
Today Chuxiu Garden is open for locals and tourists daily from 7.30am to 6.30pm. It is divided into four major scenic areas and includes ten attractions in total. The most popular among the garden’s attractions are Chuxiu Garden Zoo, Rose Garden and a children’s amusement park. Chuxiu Garden can be an ideal family destination. A family trip could start with an educational visit to the zoo where kids and adults will have a chance to take a close up look at several Chinese and foreign animals, some of which have been established as protected species by the Chinese state. Kids will definitely ask for some time in the amusement park where they can enjoy thrilling rides and various other exciting activities. 
After children have a blast at the amusement park the whole family can spend some quality time relaxing and bonding in the beautiful rose garden. Several species of colorful roses scent the air with their delicate aroma making this part of Chuxiu Garden an ideal place for a stroll. Finally, the newly rebuilt Yushi Booth on the northwestern side of the garden is also worth a visit. This six-corner booth, which is made out of bright green tiles and strong steel, is the garden’s newest attraction.
Since Huai’an is known for its rainy weather, mostly in summer time, it is advised that visitors go to Chuxiu Garden either in spring or in autumn, so that they can fully enjoy all parts of the garden. Average temperature is around 14 Celsius degrees in Huai’an City, but it can get much colder during the winter which is also to be avoided. 

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 85 S Huaihai Road at E Ring Road, Huai'an, Jiangsu

How to Get There?

Take bus number 1, 16 ,28 and 39.

Ticket Price:

Depends on the part of the garden you plan to visit.

Opening Hours:
07: 30-18:30

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