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The First Mountain National Forest Park

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The First Mountain, also known as South Mountain and Duliang Mountain, it faces Changhuai, there are nine hills behind the mountain. For its quiet enviroment, it has been an ideal place for studing. In the Han Dynasty, when Kong Guoan ( a decendant of Confucius)was the prefect of Linhuai, he set up “ Chongsheng Academy of Classical Learning” here. In 1985, the mountain was formally given the name “the First Mountain Park”. It is a famous historic moutain, from Song Dynasty and Yuan Dynasty, many scholars, Hanlin Academincian scholars, and officials all came here and left a lot of inscriptions here.

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How to Get There?
take bus to Xuyi. Take No.1, No.4BUS at bus station, get off at First Mountain. One can also take a cab, usually, the price is 3 Yuan, during festivals,the price is 5 Yuan.

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