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Zhenhuai Tower

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In Ming Dynasty, when Huai’an city was under construction, the tower was built to be a watchtower, which was used to sound the night watches and give the correct time. In Qing Dynasty, the name was changed into “Zhenhuai Tower”, because Huai River often overflowed its bank, the name “Zhenhuai”meaned “ control Huai River. The wooden structure that we see today was rebuilt in Qing Dynasty. The bottom of the tower is built with bricks, there is an arched door in the middle of it, the platform at the bottom is ladder-shaped, there are steps beside the platform, the top of the platform was surrounded by railing. The upper part of the tower is a two-storey wooden attic with green tile roof, it looks simple and unsophisticated.

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No.61 bus, No.62 bus and No.63 bus

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