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Longji Mountain Natural Reserve Scenic Area

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The scenic area covers about 10 square kilometers. It is bounded by Suzhou in the east and Xiao County in the north. The altitude of the peak is 363 meter, which is the tallest in Huaibei. Local residents call it Old Longji.

The Longji Mountain ranges rise and fall with dangerous steeps. The primeval forest covers 7,000 mu (about 4.6 square kilometer). The trees are so luxuriant that they blot out the sky and cover the sun. The lake and spring here are also very clean and beautiful. The scenic spots include Dragon Roar Lake, Bian Spring, Heizhai Wall, Guanlong Mound, Sun Watching Mound, Fairy Cave, Dafang Temple (ruins), Cypress and Chestnut Park, Lying Ox Rock, Apricot Coming from the Rock and so on. In the recent years, with the development of the tourism industry, especially the prosperity of vacation tourism, the number of tourist visiting here increase very fast. It has become a hot tourism destination for people in Huaibei and other cities around it.

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How to Get There?
There are tourist buses in the downtown area directly to the scenic spot.

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Opening Hours:
9:00 am -6:00 pm

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Recommended duration for travel: 3 hours

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