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Huaibei city is only 50 kilometers distance away from Xuzhou Guanyin Airport.

Huaibei Xingguang Travel Agency is commissioned to sell air tickets from Xuzhou Guanyin Airport.

Address of Xingguang Travel Agency: No. 41 Xiangshan Road, Huaibei City.

Telephone: 0561-3884555


As a gateway in northern Anhui , Huaibei has favorable geographic location. The national main Rail lines, namely, Beijing - Shanghai Railway Line and Longhai Railway line. Huaibei Railway Station is terminal for four scheduled trains, which direct to Shanghai, Hefei and Huangshan, and is a stop for many passing trains. Fujia Line and Qingpu Line run through the territory of the city. Jiafu line connect Longhai Line in the north, Beijing-Shanghai Line in the south, Beijing- Kowloon Line in the east. Qingfu Line pass Fuyang, Huainan, capital city Hefei, and Wuhu, an important city in Southern Anhui. Huaibei Railway Station (Zhahe Road, Xiangshan District): Take Bus No. 8 from downtown area to get there. Enquiry call: 0561-2122222


The highway network in Huaibei well developed. The Beijing -Fuzhou Superhighway and Lianyungang-Huoerguosi Superhighway run through the city. Six national or provincial highways, including No. 105 National Highway and No. 202 Provincial Highway pass through Huaibei. With the development of tourism industry, many long-distance regular bus lines are opened leading to Qufu, Mount Tai, Lianyungang, Nanjing and other cities.

There are seven coach bus stations in Huaibei. The Huaibei Coach Bus Station is a national first-class bus station, which has more than 150 bus lines to cities outside the province. You can take Bus No. 5 and No. 11 to get there from the downtown area.

City Transport

Coach Buses

There are 12 main roads in Huaibei City, which are constructed by concrete and blacktop. The roads are 60 meters wide. And the Great Ring Road around the urban area are partly completed.

Shehui Bus Station, Huaibei Municipal Bus Transport Company, Limited

Address: Huaihai Road, Huaibei City, Anhui Province

Telephone: 0561-3051271

Huaibei Coach Bus Station

Address: Gucheng Road, Xiangshan District

Telephone: 0561-3023084

Traffic: Take Bus No. 5 and No. 11 to get there from the downtown area.

Municipal transportation   


The charge of the taxi is associated with the price of the gasoline. The starting price currently in effect is 4 yaun for 2 kilometers, and it charges 1.2 yuan for every extra kilometers. The waiting fee (including the time when speed is below 12 kilometers per hour) is 0.2 yuan per minute. Besides, other expenses, such as bridge fee and road fee should be paid by passengers. When the price of the gasoline rises to more than 5 yuan per kiloliter, the starting price changes from 4 yuan for 2 kilometers to 5 yuan for 2.5 kilometers.

Tip: Some roads in Huaibei are not clearly labeled. But they are labeled on your map. Tourists should better read the map before getting on the taxi. You may lead th e road when the taxi drivers


The public transport is very convenient in this city. There are 14 bus lines and more than 300 buses which cover all the main roads in the city. The price is 1 yuan each person, except Bus No. 2 (2.5 yuan), No. 4 (1.5 yuan), No. 5 (0.5 yuan) and No. 12 (1.5 yuan). The operation hours are from 5:40 am to 7:00 pm in autumn and winter, and from 5:20 am to 9:00 pm in spring and summer. The specific operation hours may change according to the distance of the journey.

Huaibei Public Transport Company

Telephone: 0561-3014162

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