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Dong Nationality Cultural Village of Huangdu

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According to legend, the king of ancient Yelang Kingdom passed this place and attracted by its full-bodied life-style and folk customs. He built a “Huangdu” (royal city) city here. Dong Nationality Cultural Village of Huangdu is composed of four villages: Touzhai, Weizhai, Xinzhai and Panzhai. In the drum-tower, arbourm and along the roofed bridge, one can enjoy the beautiful scenery as well as music. To go to the Dong village, one has to pass a roofed bridge at first, which is called Puxiu Bridge. The door of the village is located at the foot of the mountain and to the bank of the river. Six iron cannons salute one after another. Dozens of men of Dong ethic group play Lusheng music and dance there. In festival full-dress, beautiful girls of Dong nationality taking the local wine wait for guests at the way. That is the most ceremonious amenity for Dong people to welcome guests.

Go to the performance ground decorated with sun-flower design, one can enjoy the wonderful performance of the Art Group of the cultural village. The programs include “Toast Song”, “Chechemo”, “Trample Dustpan”, “Hegan Song”, “Tea”, “Grab Egg”, “Stool Ballad” and so on, which embody the essence of the traditional culture of Dong nationality.

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no direct regular buses; one can rent a car to go there

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