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Hibiscus Pavilion

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Hibiscus Pavilion has been a place for artists to write poems and do paintings. Famous poet Wang Changlin had a farewell dinner here when he was demoted to be the governor of Longbiao County. Wang Changlin wrote his famous poem: With this cold night-rain hiding the river, you have come into Wu. In the level dawn, all alone, you will be starting for the mountains of Chu. Answer, if they ask of me at Loyang: "One- hearted as ice in a crystal vase."

The garden covers an area of 10250 square meters. There are 11 spots including Main Building, Songcui Building, Banyue Pavilion, etc. The stele corridor embeds more than one hundred steles of seven calligraphers, including Yan Zhenqing, Huang Tingjian, Mi Fu, Yuefei and so on. There are four treasures of Hibiscus Pavilion: gigantic root carving, gold stele, the first ancient bell of west Hunan, completed human bone fossil.

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take a bus from Huaihua South Bus Station to Qian County, about 40 km, with a price of RMB 7

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