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Longjin Roofed Bridge

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Longjin Roofed Bridge is also called “Flower Bridge”, “Luck Bridge”. In 1591, the ninth year of Wanli, in Ming Dynasty, the famous monk Kuanyun took the initiative to build this bridge. Destroyed and re-built for several times, it has always been the transportation fortress of Hunan-Guizhou highroad as well as a busy place with merchants and tourists. It was called “the first bridge of Chu (ancient Chu, including Hunan, Hubei, Jiangsu, Anhui, Zhejiang)”. In the beginning of 1999, Longjin Bridge was rebuilt again and completed on November 7th, the same year. The rebuilt Longjin Bridge is 12.2 meters wide, 146.7 meters long, and the biggest roofed bridge all over the world. It is very special, because it is composed of huge stone frusta, wooden body, corridor and pavilion. The whole bridge is of all wooden structure, without any nails. It looks like a dragon across the river, very magnificent. It maintains well the architectural culture of Dong ethic groups and embodies the modern garden architecture arts. At the left side of the bridge, there stands “Tianhou Palace”, which is the biggest and best-preserved sea goddess temple in mainland China. The carving arts of the arched door as well as their stories are very unique.

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regular bus from Huaihua to Zhijiang, three hours

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