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Mount Phoenix

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The mountain looks like a phoenix spreading the wings, so it is called “Mount Phoenix”. At the peak of the mountain, there is an ancient temple, Phoenix Temple, which was built during the Wanli Period (1573-1620) of Ming Dynasty. The temple is very quiet, with ancient trees around. There stands “Fengming Tower” (wind ringing tower) in Mount Xianglu. It is of seven layers, of primitive simplicity, majesty and pageantry. There are stone stairs along the side of cliff besides the river to the temple, looking like a colorful ribbon. A “heaven door” was built at the halfway of the mountain on the twenty-third year of Qianlong Period, Qing Dynasty. On the right of the temple, there is a “ship pavilion”, which was enlarged to be a two-layer pavilion. In the second floor, one can view the scenery of the whole city as well as Yuan River. Between the temple and pavilion, there is a “fishing pool” with a “stone tortoise” inside.

In 1938, General Zhang Xueliang was house arrested in the ancient temple of Mount Phoenix for one year, so the mountain was well-known home and abroad.

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take a bus from Huaihua Bus Station. It is about 180 km to Yuanling County, with a ticket price of RMB 32. Mount Phoenix is five kilometers to the county. No regular bus to go there and renting a car is needed.

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