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Mount Wanfo Scenic Spot

Last updated by chinatravel at 2015/11/4

The 168 square kilometers Danxia landforms of Mount Wanfo Scenic Spot contains five big scenic areas, including Mount Wanfo, Immortal Cave, Seven-star Hill, General Hill, Ziyun Hill. Inside the area, there are “ten wonder sceneries”: Duyan Hill, Seven-star Ancient Temple, Luck Cave, Lion watching Moon, One Pillar Supporting the Sky, Lady Waiting for Her Husband, Whelk, Tortoise Looking for Food, Inborn Magpie Bridge and Thirty-six Curve Forest Maze.

Famous expert on Danxia Landscape Professor Huang Jin has visited Mount Wanfo for many times and wrote a poem that “there are five hundred Danxia Landscape in China, While this mountain is in the top ten”.

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take a regular bus to Linkou Town, RMB 7

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