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Huaihua Travel Guide

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Huaihua Overview

Covering an area of 27,600 square meters, Huaihua city is located at the southeast of Hunan Province, the conjunction part of Hunan, Jiangxi, Sichuan, Guizhou and Guangxi.

Huaihua has been called “the door to Guizhou and Yunnan and the throat of Hunan”. It is the west door of Hunan Province and convenient in transportation. With Hunan-Guizhou railway and Yidu (Hubei) – Liuzhou (Guangxi) railways, Huaihua has trains to Hangzhou and Shanghai in the east, Zhengzhou and Beijing in the north, Zhanjiang and Guangzhou in the south, Chengdu and Kunming in the west. According to the Ninth Five-year Plan, Chongqing – Huaihua railway would pass Huaihua, which is going to be constructed soon. The reuse of Zhijiang Airport in Huaihua is also under preparation. Huaihua has become an important traffic hinge connecting east and west, north and south of China.

Huaihua City

Huaihua City

With rich natural resource, Huaihua is traditionally described to be “eight parts hill, one part water and one part field”. It has vast mountain land, rich forests, orchards, grassland, water resources, and mineral resources.

There is also vast foreground of tourism resource exploitation. The Longxing Teaching Temple in Yuanlin was built in the second year of Zhenguan Period of Tang Dynasty. Furong Pavilion (lotus pavilion) is regarded as “the first famous historical site in south Hunan”. Tianhou Palace is the biggest ancestral temple in inland China. There are some other cultural scenic spots such as the famous Zhijiang Memorial Place of Japanese Army’s Surrender, some natural scenic spots such as Mount Xuefeng, Mount Fei, Mount Huang, Huaihua Karst Cave, as well as some folk activities such as singing festival, Lusheng dance, cockfighting, baldachin, wax printing.

Local number: 0745

Post Code: 418000

Population: 4,952,900

Sections under jurisdiction: five counties: Zhongfang, Yuanling, Xupu, Chenxi, Huitong; five national autonomous counties: Xinhuang, Tongdao, Zhijiang, Jinzhou, Mayang; Hongjiang City; Hecheng Section.