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Shangyao Forest Park

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Brief introduction of the scenic spot

The park is located in the northeast of Huainan City, a famous city of energy sources. Supported by the elegant and graceful landscapes of Shangyao, the park couches itself by the shore of the beautiful and prosperous Gaotang Lake. It is close to the Huai River and neighbors “White Milk Spring”, “Sacred Spring” and “Bianhe Cave” of Huaiyuan in the north, adjoins “Royal Tombs of the Ming Dynasty” of Fengyang, “Jiushan Dissolved Cavern” with a reputation of the first cave in the north of the Yangtze River, Buddhist Cave Temple and Concealed Tiger Cave in the east and borders on “Maoxian Cave”, “Pearl Spring” and “Tomb of King Liu An of Huainan” of the Bagongshan Mountain. The national highway 206 runs through the city and the ancient Shangyao Town is surrounded by it. The park takes the forest landscapes as the main part and covers a total area of 10.4 square kilometers. It is a multi-functional national-level forest park that blends ecological tourism, human landscapes, religious belief, vacation, leisure, scientific popularization education, entertainment and fitness into one.

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There are special through buses in the coach station.

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