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Valley Mountain Pass

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Brief introduction of the scenic spot

The surging water of Huai River flows eastward. Since it is blocked by the Bagongshan Mountain on the way, it retraces its course and flows back, splits the valley rock into halves and forces its way downward. This is the first valley of the Huai River, Valley Mountain Pass, which was called Valley Rock Pass in ancient times. It was excavated when Dayu was engaged in water control. It was a fortress on the Huai River where states in the war occupied the place of difficult access and stationed the troops and also one of the ancient battlefields of the Battle of Fei River. Standing at the shore of the Huai River and looking up upon the stone cliff, you will see it as if having been chopped by an axe. During the years of Xianchun’ period in the Song Dynasty, the Record of City Building inscribed by Xia Song from Shouyang is still identifiable. On the island of the Valley Rock stands a pavilion. It is the Weinong Pavilion rebuilt in the Qing Dynasty and is popularly called “Yuwang Pavilion”. There is an ancient Chinese honey locust fruit tree to the west of the pavilion, which is the symbol of the scenic spot of the Valley Rock.  

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