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Dabieshan National Forest Park

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Dabieshan National Forest Park mainly consists of five scenic spots, namely the natural landscape tour area--- the Heaven Valley, the historical area---the Qingtai Pass, the summer resort and fallow land---the Bodao Peak, the rural scenery tour area--- the Jiuzi River and the aquatic band---the Heaven Lake. It covers an area of three hundred square kilometers and usually has an annual rainfall of about 1350mm and an average temperature of 16.4℃. At present, one thousand four hundred and eighty seven species of wild plant and six hundred and thirty four species of wild animal live here.

 Dabieshan stretches over Central Plains and has long been known for its grandness, grotesque, precipitousness and serenity in the world. The Heaven Valley, the highest peak in this mountain range, one thousand seven hundred and twenty nine meters above the sea level, situated in the northeast of Dabieshan National Forest Park, is called “the First Peak in Central Plains”. Around the Heaven Valley is the boundless wonderful scenery.

 Dabieshan National Forest Park, characterized with middle, lofty mountains and primeval forest, mixing harmoniously with folk-custom, agricultural sight and historical humanities view, is an ideal forest park for building a summer resort, sight-seeing, holding meetings, relaxation and research..

Scenic Area of the Heaven Valley

Scenic Area of the Bodao Peak

Scenic Area of the Qingtai Pass

It is one of the eight well-known passes in Luotian, which is one thousand and ninety two meters above the sea level and is famous for its lichen on the cliff of the pass. It is known to the world because it is an important place for military affairs and transportation at all times and has a long, long history. In ancient times, there were Qingtai Pass, Qiling Pass and Wengmen Pass, on which there built a town called “Old City”. In modern times, the Guomintang construct a stone city called “the New City”, which is a crucial pass to the north of Luotian and possesses a particular geographic position. And there are also virgin forest of Longpan Mountain and astonishing pines and grotesque mountains in Bijia Mountain.

Scenic Area of the Heaven Lake

The beauty of Heaven lake may be deeply stored in your mind for its impression of a broad lake born in the grand gorge. Boating on the lake, you could feel the heaven and the earth seems to be a integration. When breezing, the lake turn to be a world of silver. How wonderful the landscape are!

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How to Get There?
Take to Luotian by bus, RMB40, in Fu Jiapo bus station. The buses would pass by Wuhan, Huangshi, Xishui and Luotian. After the arrival in Luotian, take the bus to Eastern Way station (RMB2), and then take the buses directly to the destination (RBM 13).

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Recommended hours for a visit: one day

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