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Scenic Spot of Tortoise Mountain

Last updated by chinatravel at 2016/4/28

 The scenic spot of Tortoise Mountain is famous for a huge stone which is like a gigantic tortoise holding its head high in the peak of the mountain. There are a lot of scenic spots in this mountain mainly including the Rising Sun of Turtle Peak, horse rock, Kwan-yin Rock, Chessboard Rock, Heart-testing Rock, Running Tiger Well, White Dragon Well. Black Dragon Well etc. “The Rising Sun of Turtle Peak” is most well-known. In the morning, if you appreciate the sun rising at Yanmen Stockaded Village, you will see a misty expanse of waves, a sea of clouds and spectacular sunrise. Every single scenic spot has its own romantic local legend. The most marvelous scenery is “the Turtle’s Saliva”. The Turtle’s Saliva, a stream of spring water, which is clear, cool in summer, warm in winter and ever lasting despite the change of the weather. So here comes the saying that “turtle tea with the turtle’s saliva, the most enjoyable thing in the world.”

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Buses to Macheng County

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