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The Red Cliff

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The projecting rocks on the Red Cliff are just like a bailey, and its reddish brown color bring it the name “The Red Cliff”.

Pavilions in the Red Cliff were first built in the 1st year of the Western Jin Dynsty (265-316), one thousand and seven hundred years ago. They are rebuilt many times afterwards, and now covers an area of more than four hundred units of area. This pavilion building consists of two halls (Efu and Snow Hall), three towers (Qixia ,Hanhui and Yishuang Towers), two pavilions ( Stele and Liuxian Pavillion), Kairan Zai (Zai, a kind of structure in China), the statue of Su Dongpo, the Scissors Hump, and nine kiosks ( Fanggui, Shuixian, Poxian, Leijiang, Wenhe, Kuaizai, Lansheng, Wangjiang and Yuhua Kiosk). In the Efu Hall, there is a big wood board with its front and back carved with the whole passage of “the Red Cliff Ode”. In the Liuxian Pavillion, there is a huge picture which depicts the scene of Su Dongpo touring the Red Cliff. While in the Stele Pavillion, there are more than one hundred steles carved with Su Dongpo’s handwriting. Su Dongpo’s calligraphy and poetry are here and there and they remind us this truly great man’s majestic appearance.

These ancient buildings, constructed close to mountains, are characterized with simple elegance and rich national style. The steles in the Red Cliff are well-known to the whole nation. In all the steles, there are approximately two hundred painting and calligraphy steles of the past dynasties, among which more than one hundred steles are about Sushi whose individual steles rank the first in China. Since the liberation, government at all levels has paid much attention to the Red Cliff. As a result, it is classified as a provincial protection in 1956 and it is rated as a provincial scenic spot in 1978. After tens of years’ rebuilding, the Red Cliff presents a completely new appearance and becomes a famous tourist attraction of ancient culture.

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There is sight seeing bus to the Red Cliff in Huanggang City.

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Recommended hours for a visit: 3 hours

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