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Wunao Mountain

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Wunao Mountain is about five hundred meters above sea level. The surrounding mountain range is full of rising, falling and twists. The clear spring wind through the green valley, which let you feel comfortable. The exotic rocks there give you an appeal of a turtle with its head up or a dog kissing the ground. When spring comes, azalea would give red clothes to the mountain. At the same time, when orchis is in full blossom, it impresses visitors with a strong aroma. In autumn, camellia spread all the slope under the clear blue sky. In winter, it turns to be a white world. Furthermore, there are innumerable sights of gorgeous and varied natural scenery, such as Moqian Rock, Xima Stake, Phoenix Pond, Dog Hiding Hole, Dresser, Oil and Salt Cave etc.

Two ancient temples stand separately on the north and the south mountain, reminding tourists the words like grand or great. The North Temple, also called Jingyue Temple, located in Xianju Mountain, is built in Eastern Jin Dynasty (317-420). It neighbors Magu Hole in which Magu cultivates hers moral character. The top of the hole is as hollow as a house, where just a stone sustains. The South Temple, actually the emperor’s palace, consists of one pavilion (Jingxin Pavilion), one yard (auxiliary yard of Daofeng Yard), two gates (Yitian Gate, Ertian Gate), three palaces (Ziwei Palace, Weiling Palace and Yuqing Palace), four towers (Bell Tower, Drum Tower, Drama Tower and Jufeng Tower) and four palaces (Bai Palace, Palace of the Emperor, Palace of the Empress and Palace of Ancestors). Over one hundred houses were built at the times when Taoism was at its peak period in the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127).


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