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Wuzu Temple

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Wuzu Temple, the Buddhist rites built by the fifth founder of Zen Buddhism in the Tanghui 5th year of Tang Dynasty (654), is the sacred place where the sixth founder Huineng became immortal and is called “the World Ancestral Home”.

Wuzu Temple is located in the the East Mountain in Huangmei county. Its shape is just like a big phoenix which is ready to fly, so it is also called Phoenix Mountain. The highest peak, Bailian, is four hundred and sixty five point four meters above sea level. The height of the existing fane is approximately four hundred meters.

The Buddhism attraction Wuzu Temple consists of Yitian Gate, Feihong Bridge, four palaces (Tianwang Palace, Daxiong Palace, Pilu Palace and Zhenshen Palace), seven side halls (to the east of the palace stand Guansheng Palace, Songbai Hall, Yanshou Nunnery, Jidi Nunnery, Huayan Nunnery, Buddha Temple, Visitor Hall, Vegetarian Hall, Monk’s Hut etc.; to the west of the palace stand Changchun Nunnery, the Palace of the Empress, Abbot’s Room, Storeroom, Monk’s Hut etc.), Wuzu Pagoda, Sermon Platform, White Lotus Pond, Alms Bowl Stone, Divine Washing Pool etc.)

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