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Aqiong Nanzong Temple

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Aqiongnanzong Temple is a monastery of Ningma denomination of Tibetan Buddhism. It is a historic site where three eminent monks from Tibet coming here to practice Buddhism and do missionary work have inhabited. In the period of Zangpulangdamamie Buddha, Tubo,the middle period of the 9th century, the three eminent monks come here. It is more than 1100 years up to now. Here, the sticking up peaks, the peculiar terrain of mountains, verdant woods, and the prattling spring water form a magnificent scenery. Nanzong Peak stands tall and upright to the northeast of the temple. It is lofty, precipitous, queer, and unique as Hua Mountain. To the north of Nanzong Peak, there is a stone-stepped mountain path which is the only way to the peak.Most of the path is cut from the cliff. The mountain path runs through the cliffs slantly.Some part of it almost runs through cliffs vertically, and is as precipitous and dangerous as climbing scaling ladder. Climbed to the peak by the stone path, you may see an ancient temple smothered with green pines. It is made up of five small grottoes. Some of them are naturally formed, while the others are cut. After being repaired, the grotto doors with upturned eaves are mountain bounded, refined, quiet, and beautiful. 

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A special highway for tourism is basically completed. Tongren—Kanbula Scenic Area Two regular buses In the morning 9:30 In the afternoon 14:30

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Recommended length of time for visit: Half a day to one day

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