Fairy Cavity

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There is a natural dissolved cavern at Wu’erhaqi Ditch, Jigang mountain foot, Xiqing mountain range which is 50 kms to the southwest of Henan County. It is named so because it is deep, serene, intriguing as a mysterious and unsearchable as a fairy. In Fairy Cavity, cavity is in another cavity, and all the cavities connect each other and crisscross. These cavities are in different conditions and shapes. They are peculiar, dangerous, winding left and right, deep, and serene. The verified depth is more than 1000 meters. From the entrance of the cavity to the inside, it may be roughly devided into the front hall, the middle hall, and the back hall. The front hall is made up of “dooryard”and “entrance hall”which covers more than 1000 square meters and can hold several hundred of people.“Dooryard”is to the north of the entrance hall. It is about 20 meters high and 9 meters wide. On the cliffs of the dooryard, there are 16 stone cavities of different sizes and depths in which sculptures of 16 arhats with different poses are placed. The middle hall is made up of Fairy Sacrifice Hall, Yaowang Hall, and Kwan-yin Hall. The stalactites in Fairy Sacrifice Hall just like many fairies dffering sacrifice to Buddha. In Yaowang Hall, on the level ground of 2-3 square meters, a stone column stands. It is about 70cm high and 30 cm wide. Its dented top is like a drug-grinding utensil in which there is some light yellow stone powder claimed as magical medicine. Because it is said that this powder may cure disease, so this hall is named Yaowang Hall. The stone columns and stalagmites in Kwan-yin Hall are like Kwan-yins sitting upright on lotus thrones. Leaped over bottomless pit with a broad apex and a narrow base from the Middle Hall, and next going downward, you will get to “Fairy Hall.”You will first see a big dissolved cavity that may hold about 500-600 people. Its wall is bright and smooth, and its bottom is flat and clean. The fairies formed by stalactites in the cavity descend lightly as being clustered round by white cloud. It looks like fairies are descending to the world. Near it , there is a small semicircular dissolved cavity . Crystal calcites make the cavity gorgeous. The bottom of the cavity is bright and clean. It will give pleasant sound while someone walking on it. It will give echo while someone sings. According to the legend, it is the place where the descended fairies dance. Jade Column Hall is a triangular dissolved cavity. Strings of stalactites hanging from the top of the cavity glint as droplights in palace. Stalactite columns spring up as bamboos after the rain to support the top of the cavity. Stalactite columns standing in great numbers are multicolored. It touches as lubricated as green jade. Knocked, it gives sound similar to the ringing of gold and iron. Because there are altogether 80 columns, so it is also named “Hall of 80 Jade Columns.” Moving forward again, you may see “Dragon King Hall.”In the hall, there are underground lake and dragon pool. Nobody knows the exact depth of Fairy Hall and where it may lead to. It needs tourists to explore the unknown beautiful sceneries in the hall.

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You may get there by taking a regular bus from Xining to Youganning Town, Henan Couty which stops at Tongren and Zeku. There is one bus everyday. The whole distance is 318 kms and it needs about 9 hours. The ticket is 45 RMB.

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a whole day

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Recommended length of time for visit: two hours

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