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Longwu Temple

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Longwu Temple, a sanctum of Buddhism, is one of the comparatively old temples of Tibetan Buddhism and the biggest temple of Gelu denomination in Qingnan Area.

Longwu Temple was first built in 1301. It has a history of 699 years. Longwu Temple faces the east. It has grand architecture scale, stately model, and luxurious decoration. In the temple, there are articals of fine arts, valuable cultural relics, tablet of“ National Master of broad practice and excellent realization” granted by Xuande ( emperor of Mimg Dynasty), and stele of “ holy area of the western regions” inscribed as a gift by Ming Emperor in 5 of Tianqi in Ming Dynasty. In 1625, the first Xiaricang, Gedanjiacuo built Xianzong Institute at Longwu Temple. The following Xiaricang in succession directed the building group, such as Buddhist hall and scripture hall. The scale of the temple continues to expand. At its best, it covers an area of about 100 hectares. Presently in the temple,there are Mizong Institute, Astronomical Institute, Xianzong Institute, Tiannv Hall, Lingta Hall, Kwan-yin Hall, Wenshu Hall, Quwa Hall, Matou Hall, Dajing Hall. The building of the temple combines the Tibetan and Han styles harmoniously. It has upturned eaves and curved arch. It is resplendent and magnificent. In the temple, there are many figures of Buddha, frescos, barbolas in exquisite designs. The sutra recitation hall and Buddhist hall are exquisite and solemn. The roof is covered by green tiles. There is gilded high jar on the middle beam. The central big sutra recitation hall has more than 1700 square meter of floor space.Inside it, there are 18 gigantic posts, 146 short posts. About 10 figures of Buddha are enshrined, such as Sakyamuni, Master Zongkaba, and etc. There are 18 temples under the the domination of Longwu Temple, Nianduhu Temple, Guomeri Temple, Wutun Temple, and etc. The main Buddhist rituals are prayer meeting from Jan. 13-18 according to lunar calendar, Nidan prayer meeting in Mar., Jiangfan festival in Sem. ,and Wugong festivalin Oct. ,and etc. In 1996, Longwu Temple is listed as key cultural site under state protection. It attracts many tourists, professionals, and scholars with its long history and abundant cultural relics.

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It is in Longwu Town, Tongren County, Huangnan Prefecture and is 186 kms away from Xining. Arriving transportation: At Xining bus station, there is regular bus to Longwu Town everyday. The bus arrives at Longwu Town by going toward southeast, crossing the Yellow River, going through Longwu Gorge and across broad Longwu Gorge region. It needs about 5-6 hours to get to Tongren. Ticket: around 23 RMB

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Recommended length of time for visit: 2-3 hours

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