Maixiu Virgin Forest

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Maixiu virgin forest is a natural scenic spot of virgin forest. Inside the spot, the green mountain peaks cover each other, the sea of trees is vast, the running water is clear, and a fine spring day is charactized. In the forest area, there are rare medicinal herbs, such as rhubarb, qinjiu, snow lotus, aweto, and etc. ,and rare animals, such as Sumen antelope, snow leopard, muskiness, snow cock, ring necked pheasant, and etc. It is an urban conservation area of highland animals and plants. It is already ratified as a provincial forest park. In the forest area, these activities may be held, such as mountaineering, hunting, shooting, and science and technology expedition. In the neighborhood of Maixiu Forest, there is Tongren-Qukuhu hot spring hotel. The temperature of the spring water keeps around 30 degrees centigrade. The spring water contains many minerals. It is an ideal place for bathing, recuperation, and rest. 

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How to Get There?
You may get there by taking bus from Tongren to Zeku and Henan or by taking a taxi. Besides, the reconstructed Asai highway of provincial level runs through the scenic area.

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Recommended length of time for visit: about one day

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