Wutun Temple

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Wutun Temple is positioned in Wutun Village, Tongren County, which is on the eastern bank of Longwu River. This temple is divided into the Upper-village Temple and Lower-village Temple. It is 7 km away from the county. In Tibetan language, this temple is called “Gedanpengcuoqulin”which means “the buddhist land is full of kind yards.”Wutun Temple, Nianduhu Temple, Guomeri Temple, and Woke Temple together are claimed “Longwu Temple of Four Villages.”Wutun Temple is the one that collects the most typical and largest quantity of Regong artistic works. Many distinguished Regong artistic works are preserved in this temple. Of the fresco, heap embroidery, colored painting,and sculpture in this temple, the painting is delicate and the color is bright. The painting and color fully display the fluency and sense of rhythm of line, and third dimension and dynamic sense of picture. Its strong artistic infectivity enjoys high reputation in tourism kingdom.

According to the record of Anduo Zhengjiao History , this temple was built around 1385. In the temple, there are copper figures of Master Zongkaba, Shijia Buddha, and scriptures such as Ganzhuer and so on. Shijia Hall and Mile Hall are newly built. Because Zhigeri’eren-bamahaimudawa, the fourth host of this temple is a disciple of the first Xiaricang, gadanjiacuo, so this temple is called descending temple of Longwu Temple. This temple is reputed as the cradle of “art talent.”For a long time, this temple has cultivated groups of art talent for the society. Master hand and famous expert emerge in an endless stream. Presently, among monks of this temple, there are 22 painters. Xiawucairang, a famous old painter and art master, is a great master of one generation who has been a monk of this temple. Frescoes and statues of most temples in Tibetan area and Anduo Tibetan area are made by Wutun artists.

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The lower Wutun Temple is 6 km away from Tongren County. The upper temple is 1 km away from the lower temple. It costs about 20 RMB to charter a vehicle for a round trip at Longwu Town. On the way, you may visit the nearby Wutun Art Town. If you want to stay for a longer time, you would better have a single trip or you may take a taxi with other people at the local long-distance bus station. It costs each person 1 RMB, but you may feel quite crowded.

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Recommended length of time for visit: 2-3 hours

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