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Huangnan Travel Guide

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Huangnan Overview

Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture is in the southeastern part of Qinghai. It is also located in the first bend of the Yellow River with nine bends. Huangnan is named so because it lies in the south of the Yellow River.

Huangnan prefecture enjoys long history of national religion and culture. It has rich ethnic folklore and abundant resources of humanistic tourism. These are the main tourist attractions. Kanbuladanxia geomorphic and national forest park is well-known for its queerness, precipitousness, loneness, prettiness, and grace. Nanzong nunnery has a history of more than 1100 years. Longwu temple of Tibetan Buddhism with a history of more than 600 years is a key cultural relic site under state-level protection. “Regong Art”enjoys a high prestige in China and in the world. Long colored-drawing scroll of 618 meters, A Colored-drawing Grand Sight of Chinese Tibetan Culture and Art, is listed in the Big World World Record. There are still other tourist attractions, beautiful Maixiu virgin forest, Zekuheri stone wall of scripture which is rare seen in China, clear Henan holy lake, and deep, quiet  and peculiar fairy cavity. These tourist attractions make a line from south to north which is the scenery-enjoying place of developing tourism in Huangnan. The development of this travel line will make Huangnan the third biggest tourist site after Qinghai Lake and Ta’er Temple in Qinghai province. At the same time, they will develop four key feature travel lines, Xining-Longyangxia-Lijiaxia-Gongboxia leisure travel of green water and red mountain, Xining-Jianzha-Tongren-Zeku-Henan Regong culture travel, Jiuzhaigou, Sichuan-Xiahe, Gansu-Henan-Zeku-Tongren-Xining exploring travel of prairie expressions, and Tibetan Buddhism pilgrimage travel of Lapuleng Temple, Xiahe-Wendu Temple, Xunhua-Longwu Temple, Tongren and its subordinate temples, Nanzong Temple, Jianzhakabula-Ta’er Temple, Huangzhong.

Administrative Areas: Huangnan prefecture administers Tongren County, Jianzha County, Zeku County, and Henan Mongolian autonomous county on behalf of another. Autonomous prefecture government is in Longwu Town, Tongren County, and is 181 kms away from Xining, the capital city of Qinghai.

Post Code:   811300

Dialing Code: 0973