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Tachuan Village, which is also named Tashang, is situated at the foot of Yellow Mountain and is only 2 kilometers away from Hongcun Village of Anhui Province in China. Tachuan is a glamorous intermontane village and has been celebrated as one of the most picturesque villages in China. Besides, Tachuan Village in Anhui, Fragrant Hill in Beijing, Kanas in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and Miyaluo in Sichuan Province become known as the four marvelous scenic spots with the most beautiful autumn scenery in China.

As Tachuan Village is located at the foot of the mountain and pervaded by local residences with upturned eaves, seen from afar, it is just like a tower( pronounce Ta in Chinese), which is standing highly in the mountain valley. This is the origin of “Ta”. Besides, there is a clear stream that flows through the village, bringing the village infinite nimbus. This is the origin of “Chuan”. So the village is named Tachuan.

Tachuan Village

Tachuan Village



Tachuan Village is situated at the foot of a towering mountain and near a rippling river. When you arrive at the entrance to the Tachuan Village, a large number of huge ancient trees will come into view. The trees are so huge and towering that they even blot out the sky and cover the sun with luxuriant foliage. There is a great variety of trees there, such as camphor trees, Chinese torreya trees and maple trees.

The old towing trees with a long history of hundreds of years seem to tell people the vicissitudes of history of Tachuan. Coming in to the midst of the ancient forest, people can feel the simplicity, harmony, beauty and freshness of Tachuan Village. Due to the unique natural environment and a variety of trees, these ancient trees at the entrance of the village are in an infinite variety of forms.

Going through the ancient forest, you can see Tachuan Village with lots of ancient local residences in front of you.


The best time to visit Tachuan is from October to November when the mountains are pervaded by colorful leaves. As a large number of towering trees abound in this area, the red leaves of the trees are the most charming autumn scenery in Tachuan when antumn comes. The leaves of Tachuan turn green, yellow and red in different times, providing a wonderful place for photography.

Especially in late autumn, the leaves of the trees in Tachuan turn dark purple gradually and then turn deep red. You will feel that you are surrounded by color and beauty. In the early morning, when Tachuan is enshrouded in morning mist, it’s a good opportunity for people to take a unique striking photograph of the whole village.

Tchuan is a photography resort for people because they can take a perfect and marvelous photo from any angle here, enjoying the resplendent colors of the autumn in Tachuan. So Tachuan Village is really an ideal tourist attraction for photographers and amateur photographers from all over the world. What’s more, the tourist photography festival is held in the middle of November every year.

Besides, the vast stretches of fields, the lovely and undisturbed village and the trees of gorgeous colors make autumn in Tachuan Village uniquely spectacular.

Local Specialty

Laba Tofu (腊八豆腐) is a local specialty with features of local flavor. Laba means the eighth day of the twelfth month of the traditional Chinese calendar, and it is when the Spring Festival (traditional Chinese New Year) comes near. Every year on this day, household in every family at Tachuan Village would dry the tofu under the sun, which is called “Laba Tofu”.

The Laba tofu is made from quality soybean. The local people cut the tofu into different shapes like round or square pieces and wiped them with salt water. A hole is scooped in the middle but not through the tofu, and salt is put into the hole. Then it is basked in the sun till the water dry up and the salt is absorbed into the tofu. Laba Tofu tastes soft, salty and fragrant.

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at the foot of Yellow Mountain, 2 kilometers away from Hongcun Village of Anhui Province in China

How to Get There?

Start from the Hongcun Village and walk along the Hongsi highway with less than 2 kilometers, you will reach the Tachuan Village. 

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The best time to visit Tachuan is from October to November when the mountains are pervaded by colorful leaves. As a large number of towering trees abound in this area, the red leaves of the trees are the most charming autumn scenery in Tachuan when autumn comes. It is a good time to take photos of the colorful leaves.

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