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Banbi Mountain

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 With a prominent single peak, steep cliffs, the Banbi mountain, standing there as a strategic pass, protrudes itself to the midair of the Yangtze River, which constitutes a horn-like shape with Tianjia Town on the north bank. Because of its strategic location and access difficulty it is a famous battlefield on which the Taiping troop defeated their opponents of the Qing dynasty.

 In fourth year of Xianfeng period of the Qing dynasty (AD 1854), to protect their capital, the Taiping troop occupied this mountain and stationed their troops on both banks of the river. They put up 3 iron cables and 7 bamboo-strip-made ropes across the river to prevent the navy troop of the Qing government. In that winter, they fighted fiercely with the Qing troop lead by Zheng Guofan and Luo Zhe’nan, but at last were defeated because they are hopelessly outnumbered. With their officers Shi Zhengchang and Wei Yide sacrificed, other officers and men jumped down the cliff, they lost their position of Banbi Mountain, and iron cables were also cut and smelted by the enemy.

Today, the stone in scription of  the Chinese characters “Tiesuochengjiang” ”Dongnangbanbi” ”Chujiangsuoyao”, which is used to memorize this battle, is still on the steep cliffs of Banbi Mountain. Although these inscriptions are written by the officers of Qing troop such as Yang yuebing, Peng yuling etc, they are regarded as the historical evidence which witnessed the Taiping troop that shed their blood to protect this strategic position. There is ‘a Tomb of a Thousand Martyrs’ of the Taiping troop victims on the west part of foot  of Banbi Mountain, and its monument still stands.

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25kilometers’ bus journey from the Yangxing County to the south bank of Yangtze River

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Recommended time for tourists: 3 hours

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