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Ci Lake Tourist Resort

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Ci Lake is formed in late Pleistocene Epoch in the earth’s history (300,000 years ago). It has a total area of 10 km2, of which water area occupying 8.4 km2. Ci Lake is larger than the Xihu Lake in Huangzhou, and it ranks at the top of continental lakes that located at downtown. It is endowed with winding bank-line and delicate scenery. Ci Lake got its name because there lots of magnetite stones near the lake. Su Dongpo, a famous literati of Song Dynasty, had ever lived in exile in Huangzhou(the present Huangshi City) because he was involved in the most famous literary inquisition( a case that related to a poem which offended the ruler). His brother Suche (he is also a famous literati) came from Shuozhou to Huangzhou to visit him by ship, but because of the waves, he stopped at Ci Lake. On hearing the news, Su Dongpo hurried to Ci Lake, the Su brothers enjoyed a very happy trip at Ci Lake. When they went to the Lianyudun which had the fame of a small hill on the huge lake, they are attracted by the pretty scenery, so they moored their boat here and began to compose poem and sing. People engraved their poems on a monument to decorate the figure-like stone of Su Dongpo on the top of the hill.

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Many city buses will take you to the spot.

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Recommended time for tourists: 3 hours

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