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Dongfang Mountain Tourist Resort

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Dongfang Mountain consists of three main peaks: Zoumazhai Peak, Manqiannao Peak, and Lanshengnao Peak, all of which stand like the legs of a tripod, but have their own unique charm. Dongfang Mountain is not high but covered with luxuriant trees and deep forests, and endowed with fine scenery and delightful weather. It’s the largest forest in Huangshi City, where grasses and trees grow prosperously, with the forest covering rate above 90%.

The main ancient attractions such as Monastic Room, Moonlight scenery, Divine Spring, Taoist Shrine, and the Cloudy Pavilion etc. attract hundreds of thousands of travelers by their diverse graceful bearings. Early in the Spring and Autumn Period, there is a small city ‘E’ (it is named after a kind of hunting tool), which is located at the shore of Yangtze River at the foot of Dongfang Mountain. During the ruling period of Hanwu emperor in the Western Han Dynasty, a genius, named Dongrang Shuo, settled down on the hill. He made pills from medicinal herbs and donated them to the people there to keep healthy. Dongfang Mountain is taken from his surname ‘Dongfang’. In the Three Kingdoms’ period, Sun Quan, the emperor of Wu Kingdom, made Wuchang as its capital. Because of its strategic location and difficult access, Dongfang Mountai became a critical position for Wu Kingdom, and Zoumazhai was their barracks headquarter of the armed escorts of its capital.

Dongfang Mountain is tourist resort which integrates the Buddhist culture and scenic spot. In 1997, it was graded as a provincial scenic spot by the Government of Hubei Province. In February, 2003, it was graded as a national AA class scenic spot.

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You can take NO. 13 bus to Dongfang Mountain tourist resort. Both Wuhan- Huangshi, Wuhan-Changsha railways and NO.106 National Road pass along the mountain.

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Recommended Time for tourists: half day or a day

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