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Lei Mountain Tourist Resort

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Attraction introduction:

 Surrounded by a long port, the mountain reflects in and shines with the water. The grotesque pines and stones make a special scenery of the mountain.

Leishan Mountain integrates forest park and tourist resort. It is famous for its 4 main scenic spots: Fangguang cave, Daxiaokou spot, 8 sceneries of Xiaolei mountain, Peak of stalagmite, which is decorated with pagoda, pavilions, towers and a hundred acres of bamboos. The miraculous stone scenery such as pines, city, bed, house, wave, animals that made of stone shows the uncanny workmanship of nature, and makes the Leishang Mountain more attractive. Early in Ming dynasty, a poet named Yuan Hongdao had written a poem to eulogize the beauty of Leishan Mountain. “snow on its mountain peaks enhances its beauty, the gurgle of water highlights its coldness”

 Main scenic spots:

      Sightseeing Platform;

      Stone of the stalagmite peak;

      Court of Ancient Maxims.

 Leishan Mountain is a magnificent landscape painting, it is also a miraculous stone city. In 2003, Leishan Mountain was graded as a national AA class scenic spot.

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How to Get There?
Tourists can first go to Daye by Bus No.18, then go to DaLeishan Mountain by the tourist bus in Daye, or one can go directly to Leishan by tourist bus in Huangshi City

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Recommended time for tourists: a day

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