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Xiandao Lake Tourism Zone

Last updated by xiaoyanzi at 2016/4/28

Xiandao Lake Tourism District has area of 180 square kilometers, with water area of 32 km2 that dotted with 1002 small islands which looks like shining stars falling on a jade plate.

Xiandao Lake District has excellent vegetation, diversified species, and fresh airs with a density of 1010 negative ions per cm3. Its lake water’s visibility reaches 5 meters deep, and even in midsummer it just has a temperature of 25 centigrade degrees, while winter about 8 centigrade degrees. Near the lake bank there are lots of grottoes in which brooks are formed.

Xiandao Lake witnessed swifts and changes of history. Luobing, a prince of Tang dynasty, has secluded himself here, and his mausoleum still exists, the “Feilai(Flying over) Clock” of the Jiaqing period in late Ming dynasty still preserved well, and the characters “Lingtongxiandao” which carved on the stone monument is still legible.

Xiandao Lake raised many heroes and talents. It is not only the hometown of generals as Wangping, He Junzheng, Peng Fangfu in the wartime and model workers as Wang Xiantian and Wang Yue’e but also the old site of the government Soviet Union of China in the liberation war period and a spot of General Peng Dehuai for solider recruiting.

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How to Get There?
It takes 2 to 3 hours’ bus journey from the Tianhe airport in Wuhan to Xiandao Lake, there’s also a railway stop of the Shanghai-Wuhan line which go through Yangxin County, or you can go directly to Xiandao Lake by bus at the tourist bus station in Huangshi City.

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Recommended time for tourists: 1 day

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