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Xisai Hill Tourist Resort

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 Introduction of attraction:

Xisai Hill Attraction has a planned area of 0.495km2.It integrates its beautiful visible sights such as its precipitous and perilous scenery and its famous relics and profound culture influence such as its history of the changes and swifts of the ancient Huangshi City (also named Daoshifu) and the ancient poems and Ci ( a kind of ancient Chinese literature style).

Xisai Hill is also called Daoshifu Rock or Rock Hill with a height of 176.5 meters above sea level. In the ancient time, it is famous for its precipitous terrain and its important geographic position between Wu Kingdom and Chu Kingdom; while nowadays it is attractive for integrating ancient battlefield and scenic spot.

From the later years of Eastern Han Dynasty to the founding of the People’s Republic, more than 100 battles took place here; nearly 100 poems were composed by men of letters to express their ambition and feelings while they were enjoying the charming morning and dusk of Xisai Hill.; and lots of scripts and figures of Buddha were left on the steep cliffs. Since May, 1985, the renovation of sightseeing lane, corridor, Shangguan pavilion, Taohua Pavilion, iron-chain railing alongside the Yangtze River and Ancient Diaoyu Terrace, has been organized by the Municipal Garden Department. Other scenic spots are under continuous development.

Major Scenic spots:

Ancient Taohua Grotto

Scripts and figures of Buddha on the cliffs

Iron Stake of Xisai Hill

On the right side of the Taohua Cave, an iron stake stands on the rock, which is 8.2 cm in height, 3cm in breadth, and 1cm in depth, with a dent in the middle and a carve on its side. Legend has it that the iron stake is the trace left by Sun Hao, the emperor of Wu Kingdom, when he crossed Yangtze Rive with iron chain.

   Dragon Cave Temple

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How to Get There?
You can first go to Xisai Town by NO.4 bus in Huangshi city proper and take another bus to the spot.

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Recommended Time For Tourists: half day or a day

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