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Huangshi Overview

 A Brief Introduction to Huangshi City

Huangshi City, situated between Jiujiang City in Jiangxi Province and Wuhan City, is one of the important old

industrial Bases and ports in both Hubei Province and China. It is located in the southeast of Hubei Province and on the south bank of the middle reach of Yangtze River. It’s the second largest city in Hubei Province, which is regarded as “the Pearl in the south of Yangtze River.”  In 1950, Huangshi City was set up under the direct jurisdiction of Hubei Province, which is one of the two first cities got this fame. In February 1993, it became the opening city along the Yangtze Rive. In July, Huangshi Port was approved to open to the foreign ships by the State Council of the People’s Republic. Huangshi City at present has administration on Daye City and other four districts, covering an area of 1850 square kilometers, of which 227square kilometers in urban district.

   Being at the foot of mountains and on the south bank of the Yangtze River, world-known for its abundant mineral resources, Huangshi City is regarded as “a treasure bowl in the south of Yangtze River”, which is also the originating place of Chinese bronze culture. The discovery of the Ancient Bronze Mining and Smelting Site of Tonglu Mountain of over 3000 years’ standing, may be rated as a wonder in the history of the mining and smelting industry.

Local Area Code: 0714

Postal Code: 435000

Nationalities: Han nationality, and ethnic groups such as Hui, Tujia etc nationalities

Administration Divisions of the city:

There are four districts under direct jurisdiction of Huangshi City (Huangshi Port District, Xisai Hill District, Xialu District, Tieshang District), 1 County (Yangxin County), and 1 deputy City (Daye City) .

Top Things to Do in Huangshi

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