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Tangquan Spring

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The mineral water of Longmen Hot Spring contains 48 trace elements which are good for health. It is also called Gold Spring because the percentage of iron is high. It has special curative effect on diseases such as arthralgia, dermatosis, and problem in muscle. Gold Spring is not only unique in Guangdong province, but also rare in the whole Southeast Asia. Four pools are divided in the hot spring area: sporting area, entertainment area, health promoting area and amusement area.

There are eight pools in the health promoting area. Chinese herbal is added into the water. Tourists can enjoy the corresponding physiotherapy according to what they need for improving health. The Five Elements Pool was built in the shape of the five Chinese characters Jin, Mu, Shui, Tu, and Huo, the water temperature of each pool is different (the five elements refers to metal, wood, water, fire and earth; They are held by the ancients to compose the physical universe and later used in traditional Chinese medicine to explain various physiological and pathological phenomena).

In the center of Jiulong Deep Pool there is a huge dragon spurts hot spring out, which is surrounded by eight small dragons. In the deep pool is a small pond, the water temperature of which is especially high. Those who are fond of bathing in hot spring of high temperature can try to challenge it.

The accommodation near the hot spring is also very distinctive. The guest houses are all in the form of villa. They can be categorized into building areas such as Hakkas Mountain Villa, Chinese courtyard, watchtower, etc. Most villas are also subordinated with open air swimming pools and back gardens. The accommodation area is surrounded by mountains at three sides with luxuriant trees and fresh air.

900 years ago, the famous scholar Su Dongpo in Song Dynasty wrote poems to appraise the hot spring, in which he described that the hot spring is smooth enough to have pretty girls bathe in it. He also found that one feels happy as if in a dream when bathing in the hot spring. As he observes, the hot spring spurts up and falls down to the pool which is turn to be as shiny as a mirror, and the rain bow flies over the silvery water as if a rainfall is coming. People are all impressed deeply by his poems. Up to now, the magic charming of hot spring is not only remaining, but also reinterpreted with new innovation and the flavor of the modern times. High gate buildings are constructed beside Guangzhou-Shantou Highway; Yingbin Road is newly built along the lake; Around the waterfall, buildings such as Tangquan Spring Villa, Longquan Spring Residence, Flying Rainbow Building, Huancui Palace, etc stand in picturesque disorder. Looking from a high place, it is like a picture of mountainous villas around the water looming in the forest.

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One can take a bus in Huizhou Bus Station directly leading to Longmen County Seat. The bus travels from 6:00 to 18:00, and one bus starts running every 30 minutes. The price of the ticket is 22 RMB per person. It is recommended that only 5 RMB per person is charged for taking tricycle in Longmen County Seat to reach the hot spring water area.

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