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Turtle Nature Reserve

Last updated by chinatravel at 2016/4/20

Turtle Nature Reserve Harbor Gulf is the only nature reserve of turtles in China. It was granted to be founded by Guangdong People’s Administration.

The reserve belongs to the open waters sea area of subtropical zone. The water temperature, water quality and water yield as well as sand quality are all suitable for turtles producing. Besides, the reserve is surrounded by mountains at three sides. The environment is peaceful. The plants and animals produced in water are abundant, providing a good place for turtles to live and multiply.

This reserve mainly protects green turtles. It locates in Ruogu Gulf of subside mountain region, the coastwise of which is mountainous seashore mainly with granite. Under the eroding of the wave, various marine abrasion grounds are formed with pleasant scenery. There are dolphins, Huban Baby, etc in the reserve, which are highly protected by the state.

Green turtles are rare marine animals with significant economic value. Turtles are the second grade protected animals in our county. Here you can really make an exchange with the survivor of dinosaur age. 

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There is bus of special line traveling from Pingshan Town of Huidong County to Gangkou Town. One bus starts every 6 minutes. It is about 60 kilometers between them. It costs 15 RMB per person. One can see the sign of the nature reserve 1 kilometer away from the station. Ticket: 10 RMB per person

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