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Huizhou Overview

A Brief Introduction to the City

Huizhou City is a famous historic and cultural city in Guangdong province. It boasts the name of ″the famous shire in south of the Five Ridges ″and ″the gateway of eastern Guangdong ″in ancient time. Huizhou City belongs to Peal River Delta Economic Zone, governing two districts: Huicheng, Huiyang, and three counties: Boluo, Huidong and Longmen. There are two national development zones, Daya Gulf Economic and Technological Development Zone and Zhongkai High and New Technology Industrial Development Zone. The land area of Huizhou City is 12.2 thousand square kilometers, accounting for one quarter of Pearl River Delta Economic Area. The sea area of Huizhou City is 4,520 square kilometers with 223.6 kilometers of coastlines. Huizhou is one of the large coastal cities in Guangdong province. The permanent resident population of Huizhou city is 3,210,000.

Huizhou city is abundant in resources and specialties. Under the earth stored 30 and more mineral resources such as the iron, coal, tungsten, titanium, etc. The city yields grains, sugar canes, peanuts, litchi, etc. The water products amount to 840 varieties and more. High-quality table salt is produced in the coastal area. In the mountain area, there are not only large forests and water resource, but also numerous wild animals.  

Huizhou City is rich in the natural resources, especially tourist resources. There are 900 and more scenery spots in the city potential in tourist development. Besides the tourist facilities are also very complete.

The geographical environment in Huizhou city is very congenial and people born here are very talent. Huizhou is rich in variety of products with moderate and comfort climate. People can travel around here any season. Among the famous local specialties, delicious dishes are Dongjiang Salted Chicken, Meat with Pickles, Dongjiang Beancurd, and Huizhou Pickles, Suliao of Luofu Mountain, One Hundred Grass Oil, Dragon Gate Honey, etc. All these specialties make the chance of enjoying local dishes and shopping available for tourists.

Area Code: 0752

Post Code: 516000

Population: 2863,6 thousand(2003)

Nationalities and dialects

Inhabitants in Huizhou City are mainly Han Nationality. Besides there are some inhabitants which are Yao Nationality, She Nationality, etc.

Since majority of Han Nationality in Huizhou City are Hakka. The main local language in Huizhou is Hakka dialect. In some area dialects of Guangdong and Fujian are also popular. In eastern Guangdong area, such as Pinghai, there are distinct dialects such as Junsheng. 

Governing area: five administrative areas of counties, Huicheng District, Huiyang District, Huidong District, Luobo County and Longmen County.

Top Things to Do in Huizhou

See the full list of things to do in Huizhou.

Huizhou Travel Guide

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posted by "david" at 1/13/2013 7:05:00 PM

You may not be able to sell them to Chinese Mainlanders but I can tell you from 4 to 5 years experience that they are an easy sell to foreigners -- Windows on the World, Splendid China (especially their two evening shows, the working Agricultural Museum where you can find out how to make rice wine; how silkworms make silk, how rice is planted and harvested, and how corn oil, sesame oil and rapeseed oil is made. You can go to the seashore from Huizhou and stay in new five star hotels at the beach, go to a world heritage site to watch turtles, fish, scuba dive, golf at any one of 6 courses including the largest golf course in the world 216 holes (according to the Guiness Book of World Records) between Huizhou and Shenzhen. There are five hot springs in the area; several clusters of Hakka castles, numerous minority group villages -- the closest to Huizhou is the Miaow village, costumes, traditional dance, etc There is hiking, boating, fishing on the Donjiang River -- Huizhou CBD is being restored and the environmental problems dealt with so that the two lakes, three rivers, large Taolist Temple + 3 other temples, the Red Flower lake hiking trail and large shopping centres are all settled in a much cleaner city -- in fact ranked in the top 10 in China. So please stay away -- I am just a foreigner but you obviously have not kept up with what is going on in SE China. This does not include a trip to Hong Kong - 1 to 2 hours away by bus; nor a trip to find fresh oysters offshore by Zhuhai and Macau.


david replied at 1/13/2013 7:06:00 PM

The two High Tech Zones have many factories that are open to tours which many foreigners are curious about -- making shoes, clothes, high tech electronics, cards, batteries, and building houses that are less than 1/6 of the cost per square foot of places like Guangzhou and Shenzhen. When was the last time you saw good quality homes for sale at 3000 to 4000 per square meter. Shenzhen people, Hong Kong people, Dongguan people and Guangzhou People are buying second, third and fourth homes for cash in preparation for the new train from Zhenzhen late this fall or early spring next year when Huizhou will be connected to Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Guangdong and points beyond. I recently went on a 4 day weekend from Huizhou to Shenzhen and then from Shenzhen to Changsha by high speed train in 2 hours and 45 minutes!!! It is only 3 hours from Shenzhen to Xiamen by high speed train as well.

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